The Licking River

The Licking River is located in Kentucky. The water of The Licking begins its journey near Cave Run Lake in Eastern Kentucky and flows about 300 miles northwest into Northern Kentucky where it becomes a tributary of the Ohio River.

I consider myself very lucky to call Pendleton County my home of which The Licking River runs through and breathes life into my community. The Licking River Basin is home to about 30 threatened or endangered species, provides irrigation for crops, and lets people like me reconnect with nature. All great reasons to protect this area that I call home.

I normally travel the river on a canoe because I can fit two people in it and still have plenty of room for my gear. I store my gear in a 115 litter dry bag in case it rains or for some reason the canoe over turns.

If you are planning a trip on this river I highly suggest you talk to Thaxton's Canoe and Paddlers Inn. They are a great group of people and have always been very helpful to me. They provide the public with several different options for traveling the river and also rent cabins. You can visit there website here.

Below you will find some of the photos I have taken here.

Written October 7th 2016

Photos from The Licking River